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Irene W. look
Oct 13, 2017
Rosie was a special friend to my former mother-in law, Irene Faulkingham. They spent many happy hours together.
Monique Smith
Oct 13, 2017
Rosie was a very special friend to my Nana Ackley. I am so sorry to hear of her passing. I know that she is having a good old time with Nana and Nardo.
Sue Coburn
Oct 13, 2017
I will miss seeing Rosie in Orono when I go to see my sister-in-law. I use to pat her on the head, tell her that her hair looked nice and asked her if she wanted to go to the dance with me. She would laugh and say well I will have to go change my clothes. She was a sweet lady and always had a smile. Prayers to the family
Pat Brightly
Oct 12, 2017
So sorry to hear of Rosie's passing. She was a frequent customer when I worked at Machias Apothecary and she was also so friendly, nice and always had something funny to say. Prayers to her family and friends. Rosie was one of a kind.
Arland Connor
Oct 12, 2017
She was very special lady in my life, I couldn't ask for a great mother in law, she would do anything for you
Allison Ames
Oct 12, 2017
She was so kind . She worked with my mom many years ago . Prayers for the family.
Pam Rasmussen
Oct 12, 2017
Rosie was a frequent visitor to my mother's business, and I got to know her when she'd show up there at the same time I did. She was a generous soul and would greet me as a long-lost friend. I would always talk to her about Jesus' love for her, and although I don't know if she embraced His love, she seemed grateful that I took the time to be her friend.
Lisa geel
Oct 12, 2017
She was a good friend I loved working with her at Marshall manner. ....
Kevin Maker
Oct 12, 2017
A sweet kind lady. Prayers to the family.
michael Renolds
Oct 12, 2017
So sorry for your loss, she was a special lady , I have a few memory's of Rose in my younger years
Ellen (Smith) Norton
Oct 12, 2017
My family and I were neighbors of Rosie....each time I saw her she always stopped to talk and ask about the family. Rosie always had a smile and positive attitude each and every time. She was kind to everyone. May she Rest In Peace.

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